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Quality Overseas SHACMAN offers effective truck maintenance service in a timely manner for its truck users, through 180 overseas service networks and overseas maintenance engineers, and meanwhile provides the training on the use and maintenance of the truck for its local users.


The personnel who work at overseas service network sites of SHACMAN, regardless of the extremes of heat and cold as well as the unrest of war, etc., insist on the principle of providing timely and effective maintenance service for the overseas users, so as to create the greatest value for them.

All the overseas client who used the truck highly commend on SHACMAN’s perfect overseas service network, consummate skills of maintenance technicians and high-quality after-sale services.


In the process of international marketing, founding on supplying service, providing pre-sale、mid-sale、after-sale and services of recovering product, and so on. Provides the comprehensive logistics engineering solutions for large projects. Competing to win bids repeatedly on overseas major projects. High-quality overseas service has been praised by the customers.

CITIC International Contracting Inc. and China Railway Construction Corporation had been successful bid on the the middle and western part which is 927 km-long of Algeria East-West Expressway, SHACMAN has been successful bid on the only highway heavy duty automotive suppliers . Until now in this project, it has used about 5000 units SHACMAN heavy duty trucks.


The pictures below are the permanent service station for Algeria East-West Expressway which is constructed by CITIC International Contracting Inc. and China Railway Construction, Corporation Currently SHACMAN heavy duty truck’s market share in Algeria is more than 85%.

CITIC International Contracting Inc. serves as the general contractor of Angola Social Housing project. The planned construction period is 38 months and the total contract amount is US$ 3.535 billion. SHACMAN is selected as the heavy duty transport vehicle suppliers in this project.Currently SHACMAN heavy duty truck’s market share in Angola is more than 20%.


This project was the procurement project of Kenya army. SHACMAN relies on the advantage of military truck, gained the favor from customer. SHACMAN has been chosen as heavy duty military truck supplier.

Venezuelas national railway network construction project is the cooperation project between China and Venezuela government. This railway is 471.5 kilometers, the total contract amount is 7.5 billion, this contract is the maximum amount contract in non-oil sector in Venezuela by far. SHACMAN is the projects heavy duty truck supplier, and with excellent performance, SHACMAN has been recognized by local users.


With the superior performance of its military off-road truck, SHACMAN won the bid held by Military of Sudan again , the result of which was based on the strict and systematic practical test conducted by Sudan Military. In this bid, many companies that manufacturing military off-road trucks participate in, which are from 4 countries including China, America, India and Russia.


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