President and Honors


The General Manager of Shaanxi Automobile Group:

Yuan Hongming

Shaanxi Automobile Group is a team with dreams and passions.

Under the cultural concept of “Virtues” and the opportunity of impelling service-type manufacturing, we will integrate the inner and outside resources with high efficiencyand constantly create customer values. 

For your trust, we’ll spare no effort.

Come to Shaanxi Automobile Group, you will have memorable experience.

Cooperate with Shaanxi Automobile Group, and you will step up a successful platform.


Chinese brand vechile

★ Top 500 Asian Brand and China Brand Value Champion In 2011

China factory vechile

250th of the top 500 Chinese enterprises

Shacman factory vechile

24th of the top 500 Chinese machinery enterprises

Shacman Dumper

128th among the top 500 Chinese manufacture enterprises

China dumper

China vehicle export base enterprise


The only assigned heavy-duty military-used off-road truck for the PLA equipment

China Tipper truck

★ Three-time passed its military truck reviews in China National Day Anniversary Celebration

China 6X4 Tipper truck

★ Have a world-class heavy duty truck industry park

China Tipper truck

★ China Top Brand and China Famous Trademark


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