• Multiple measures are taken for resuming SHACMAN production

    Multiple measures are taken for resuming SHACMAN production

    At this moment, it is at the critical stage of epidemic prevention and control. While keeping a close guard against the epidemic, all the production lines of SHACMAN have resumed production recently, contributing to the domestic and overseas customers’ needs and stable development of economy. &nb...
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    Shacman’s BIG DAY!! You know what??China’s first self-driving truck test license on roads was issued to SHACMAN new generation of high-end heavy truck X6000 tractor!In the heavy-duty trucks marketing,Shacman always lead!  China first test license for self-driving truck on road was i...
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  • SHACMAN vehicle show

    SHACMAN vehicle show

    SHACMAN Tucks are on Jamaica vehicle show The “Truck Show” organized by SHACMAN Jamaican dealers was held in the port warehouse area of dealers,recently.As the leading brand of Jamaica China heavy truck, SHACMAN showed a total of 12 vehicles and held a series of activities for trucker...
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  • SHACMAN 4s shop of Cameroon Xinlong group is open!

    SHACMAN 4s shop of Cameroon Xinlong group is open!

    On November 8, under the joint witness of Zhang Haigang, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Automobile Import and export company, Longhai, chairman of Xinlong group, governor of littoral province of Cameroon and other friends, the 4S shop of Cameroon dealer Xinlong group was opened. More than 200 ...
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  • Shacman trucks are showing on the National Day parade

    Shacman trucks are showing on the National Day parade

        Tiananmen Square, Beijing, October 1, 2019The sky is clear, the autumn is cool, the sword is like the rainbow, the military power is vast.Celebrating the 70th anniversary of The People’s Republic of China!   At 10:15 in the morning, the grand parade began in the spotlig...
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  • Shacman trucks H3000 promotion

    Shacman trucks H3000 promotion

    Shacman trucks H3000 promotion SHACMAN TRUCKS and Hong Seng Assembly Sdn Bhd Company of Malaysia successfully held SHACMAN H3000 series product marketing promotion a few days ago. This event enables customers to have a deeper understanding of SHACMAN brand awareness and products diversification, ...
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  • X3000 550HP at Angola FFILDA

    On July 9, 2019, the 35th FILDA International Exposition in Angola was solemnly opened in the ZEE Special Economic Zone in Luanda. More than 300 enterprises from 21 countries and regions such as China, Britain, Germany, Indonesia, Turkey, France, India, Sweden, Brazil, Japan, Belarus and Uruguay...
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  • China Goods and Services (Belarus) Exhibition

    On June 30, the China Goods and Services (Belarus) Exhibition, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, opened at China-Belarus Industrial Park in the Belarusian capital of Minsk. The exhibition is aimed at actively implementing the “one belt and one road” initiative to further deepen ...
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  • Columbian guests visit SHACMAN

    On May 29th, More than 10 delegations from the Friendship Group of Colombian Parliamentarians and Chinese Members of Parliament visited Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group accompanied by the National People’s Congress Supervisory and Judicial Committee, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the St...
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  • Working Group Meeting on National Standards for LNG Vehicles

    On May 14, the fourth meeting of the Working Group on National Standards for LNG Vehicles was held in Xi’an Commercial Vehicle Industrial Park of Shaanxi Automobile Group. This meeting was organized by the Standardization Research Institute of China Automobile Technology Research Center Co....
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  • First batch of H3000 vehicles arrive in Tajikistan

      Recently, in Tajikistan capital of Dushanbe, the first batch of SHACMAN H3000 trucks were successfully delivered to end users by the Tajikistan Office of SHACMAN in conjunction with local distributors. In recent years, SHACMAN has seized the opportunity of Tajikistan’s logistics ma...
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  • Yuan Hongming investigate the heavy truck market in Tanzania

      On March 18th, Yuan Hongming, secretary of the Party Committee & Chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group, came to Tanzania to conduct research on the changing trend of regional market demand, dealer operation and use of terminal customers after the ending of the investigation for...
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