M3000 trailer trucks delivered to Zambia M3000

July 13th, 2016 was a day to remember for us here at SHACMAN. It was on this day that the first patch of specifically tailored M3000 vehicles for the African logistics market first entered Zambia and given to its new owners. This marks the first time the M3000 series trailer trucks have been exported to the African continent. Their exportation forever eliminated the gap for SHACMAN in the African trailer truck market.

This M3000 product is the end result of over three months of market research performed by SHACMAN research team last November. This product is extremely suitable to local work environments, it is also lighter, more efficient and easier to operate. SHACMAN M3000 vehicles are elegantly designed and is beloved by local customers in Africa and received numerous orders since its introduction to the African market.

This was an very important event for the personnel at SHACMAN Zambia office and local dealers. Sales and service personnel rushed to the vehicles once the vehicles arrival port information was made available. When they discovered that numerous parts such as the air deflector, rear view mirror and rear lights were dissembled for ease of transport, they worked overtime assembling these components in order to give the customers an 100% competed product. They also worked to make sure that all 8 vehicles were working flawlessly as well as trained and taught the customers service team.

The M3000 vehicle delivery ceremony was held along the tunes of music and firework displays. When SHACMAN’s representative handed over the golden key symbolizing wealth over to the customers, they expressed that they were very pleased with the vehicle structure, appearance and as well as SHACMAN’s service. They also mentioned during the ceremony that they will purchase again from SHACMAN.

The M3000 vehicles were delivered successfully and soon they will be put to work; busy running to all corners of the continent. SHACMAN will be also busy making sure to bring better products and better services to the African people. Together we will all contribute to the strengthening Africa’s construction and logistics markets.


Post time: Aug-01-2016


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