Who is the No.1 brand of heavy-duty trucks in China ?

Who is the No.1 brand of heavy-duty trucks in China ?

As we all know that, innovation is the spirit of a nation’s progress, also the invariable driving force of an enterprise’s prosperity!Let see how the Innovation-Driven Policy leads the growth of SHACMAN.

1.Expedition of 50 years,SHACMAN(Shaanxi Automobile) is marching towards a century-old enterprise.

The business of Shaanxi Automobile contains  vehicle, special vehicle, vehicle parts and post markets. Mainly engaged in the development ,production and sales of the heavy , light and mini trucks, heavy and light axles , Cummins engines and parts. Moreover, the company also provides the vehicle  and financial service.

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 2.Shacman has unique golden industry chain in the industry


A close joint-venture partnership based on equity ties between Shaanxi Automobile and Weichai, Shaanxi Automobile and Cummins, Hande and Weichai, FAST and Weichai.At the same time,Shaanxi Automobile has established deeper and more extensive partnership with world-famous component suppliers.The unique golden industry chain and worldwide component suppliers in industry faciliate Shaanxi Automobile the advantage of quality leadership.

3.SHACMAN has won the national science and technology  academic achievement award for three times.

1In 1978, “SX250 Off-Road Vehicle” “Research on Improving Crankshaft Fatigue Strength” won the National Science Conference Award

2In 1992, “GGG40 As-cast Ductile Iron Performance Test and Production Performance Test” won the National Science and Technology Achievement Award.

3On January 8, 2019, Shaanxi Automobile  teamed up with members of the golden industry chain

 (Weichai Engines + Fast Transmission + Hande Axle) to jointly complete the ‘Key Technology and Application of Heavy Duty

 Commercial Vehicle Power Assembly ’project and won the first prize of national scientific and technological progresswhich  is the only first prize for scientific and technological innovation in the national machinery industry. 


For all these reasons,guess who is the No.1 brand of heavy-duty trucks in China ?Who is leading the heavy-duty truck industry? I guess you get the answer!! Hello, SHACMAN! 

Post time: May-19-2020


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