The first SHACMAN X3000 diesel tractor truck was successfully assembled in Hidalgo, Mexico

Recently, the first SHACMAN X3000 diesel tractor truck was successfully assembled in Hidalgo, Mexico. SHACMAN Mexico team, SHACMAN dealer representatives, the manager of assembly plant and some well-known media reporters attended the vehicle offline ceremony.


SHACMAN Mexican dealer representative said in his speech that the successful assembly of SHACMAN X3000 tractor is of great significance for the realization of localized production in Mexico and is a milestone event for the SHACMAN brand in the Mexican market. Since the establishment of the cooperation, both parties have worked together to go forward hand in hand, jointly develop the market and committed to bringing SHACMAN’s high-quality products to more customers. They will take this opportunity to continue to deepen cooperation and conquer Mexican market with excellent product quality.


The manager of the assembly plant said that SHACMAN is the representative brand of Chinese trucks, it’s an great honor for them to cooperate with SHACMAN. Behind the successful assembly of X3000 tractor, all team members have been working so hard day and night to finally overcome the negative impact of COVID-19, the time difference between China and Mexico, and the difference in production management and process technology habits. He expressed his sincere thanks to every member who participated in this project for their hard work. At the same time, promised that they will strictly control every aspect of the assembly of each SHACMAN truck, and will deliver the vehicle to customers with the best status.


Subsequently, the first assembled X3000 tractor truck went off the production line slowly under the attention of everyone. All the guests took out their mobile phones to record this historical moment, and took photos together with this truck.


During the trial ride experience, guests boarded the cab one by one to feel the charm of this vehicle. SHACMAN team introduced X3000 truck’s advantages and highlights such as engine power, reliability, safety, comfort and intelligence, discussing spare parts supply and after-sales service guarantee issue with them, which made all the guests full of praise.


The vehicle off-line ceremony marked the official landing of SHACMAN localized production in Mexico, greatly enhanced the influence of the SHACMAN brand in the market, and lay a solid foundation for SHACMAN entry into the high-end North American market. SHACMAN team is determined to do the excellent job in strengthening the business of Mexican market, focusing on customers, adhering to the concept of “Intimate Service”, and creating more value for the clients.



Post time: Jun-22-2021


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