SHACMAN military vehicle competition

August 6th Moscow time was the start of Russia’s “international military competition -2016 vehicle professional” event. Many military vehicles forms around the globed set out to compete in the single vehicle race. The first day of the event saw the teams from China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Venezuela at the city outskirts of Ostrogozhsk. The Chinese team was the fourth team on the track that day. SHACMAN military vehicles once again took to the track after completing in the 2015 event, this year completing with varies models of off-road military vehicles in singles and relay race. The first day event was very exciting, with the team taking home three first place, two second place and one third place with overall score of 48 tied with Russia for first. This year’s single timed race was conducted on the extremely difficult “section 5” restricted road as the first event with many difficult obstacles, requiring utmost focus and experience from vehicles and drivers alike.

Post time: Sep-06-2016


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