SHACMAN F Series Trucks Serve in Indonesia


SHACMAN F Series Trucks Serve in Indonesia

SHACMAN  has six categories and more than 1000 varieties, which covers the fields of heavy military off-road vehicles, heavy trucks, medium light trucks, mini cars, new energy vehicles, large and medium buses, heavy vehicleaxle, and Cummins engines.

The main selling platform has X3000, H3000, F3000, F2000 and L3000, covering all the products of tractor, dump truck, lorry truck and special vehicle.

Emission standard ranges from Euro II- Euro VI, product power ranges from 180 horsepower -660 horsepower.

SHACMAN F3000 series is a product optimization based on the characteristics of the international market. It can easily cope with long-distance heavy haul transportation such as mines and muck in various markets of the world.


Post time: Dec-16-2021


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