Shaanxi Automobile Group development conference

Shaanxi Automobile Group development conference was held at Qishan, Baoji, the birthplace of the enterprise. The conference was attended by Deputy Governor of Shaanxi Province as well as the secretary of Baoji municipal Party committee

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Yuan Hongming, party secretary and chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group gave a speech titled <Stay true to our aspirations, prepare for the journey, create a new Shaanqi>. The speech talks about thinking about reform, innovation and development practice, development of Shaanxi automotive industry in the new era, call on all cadres and staff to carry forward the fine tradition of daring to rush ahead and promoting enterprise development strategy to accelerate landing. Using Yanan spirit to achieve 100 billion enterprise, the great dream of the Shaanxi Automobile Industry, with more passion, more morale and a more pragmatic style of work, in order to fully implement the strategic plan of “3 million automobile unit projects” in Shaanxi Province to Promoting the high quality development of automobile industry and continued contribution to Shaanxi automotive industry.

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Jian Hua, Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Industry Association, Lan Jianwen, Deputy Secretary General of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, Hui Jincai, deputy secretary and mayor of Baoji Municipal Committee, Tang Yugang, deputy director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, Li Hongjun, deputy director of Shaanxi SASAC, Xu Shuwei, deputy inspector of Shaanxi science and Technology Department, Wang Ninggang, standing committee member and deputy mayor of Baoji Municipal Committee, Gao Zhiming, chairman of the provincial SASAC board of supervisors, Hao Jinsheng, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Baoji hi tech Industrial Development Zone and director of the management committee, Ma Xiaoquan, Secretary General of Baoji municipal government, He Hongnian, Secretary of Qishan county Party committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Caijiapo economic and Trade Zone as well as representatives from Shaanxi provincial industrial and commercial office, development and Reform Commission, finance department and other related departments, guests and representatives of China auto parts industry annual summit and Summit Forum and More than 1000 delegates from Shanxi automobile holding leading cadres and workers attended the conference.

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“How can Shaanxi Auto seize opportunities and run things well? My answer is Stay true to our aspirations, prepare for the journey, create a new Shaanqi; Unswervingly achieve high quality development of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group”Mr. Yuan Hongming said confidently.

    Looking back on 50 years of enterprising and 40 years of reform, Yuan Hongming pointed out that the development of Shaanxi Automobile industry has always been in a dangerous market trend and has always depended on the wisdom of its employees to grasp the general trend and maintain strategic determination and after many thousand risks, finally overcome difficulties. The share of the heavy truck market has risen from less than 5% to more than 16% in 2017 with The domestic market is firmly in the top three of the industry and real development results prove the ability and strength of the Shaanxi Auto industry. Facts have proved that the most fundamental, practical and critical thing for Shaanxi automotive development is to rely on itself. With the help of external forces and not rely on external forces, based on their own, buried in hard work, is always the most core factor in the development of Shaanxi Auto.

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  Yuan Hongming emphasized, February 28th of this year was the 50th anniversary of the enterprise, Shaanxi Auto Group has released the 2035 strategy for guiding future development. This strategy is not the work of a whim, nor the recent changes in the external environment after employee’s response to the work, but the future of their own carefully planned for the long and medium-term development.

    Yuan Hongming points out, Over the past few years, Shaanxi Auto Group has created many industry focused “Shaanqi speed”, “Shaanqi mode” and “Shaanqi story”, achieved far more than our competitors. The real pursuit of Shaanxi Automobile is to challenge higher goals, seek greater breakthroughs, and aim to be the first in the industry.

Yuan Hongming emphasized, under the new development environment, no matter how the market situation changes, no matter how the industrial structure is adjusted, Shanxi Automobile will always adhere to the principle of “focusing on myself”, grasping opportunities and developing rapidly. Always adhere to other benchmarks of the group to learn Shaanxi heavy duty truck. Continuous innovation in mechanism, talent, technology, product, market and management to achieve the goal of catching up and surpassing targets.

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Yuan Hongming pointed out, the determination of Shanxi automobile group to become the leader of international commercial vehicles has never wavered. Today, the people of Shaanqi returned to their first venture. That is to say, we should not forget to start our efforts and start our journey in Yanan to create a 10 billion Yuan and hundred year enterprise . We should focus on bigger targets and accelerate the strategic landing, and use 3 years to form 100 thousand commercial vehicle production and marketing scale and form 200 thousand production and marketing scale in another 5 years, build a leading Commercial Vehicle R&D and Test Base in China and a Flexible and Efficient Commercial Vehicle Intelligent Manufacturing Base, forming the second growth pole of Shaanqi high quality development. Shaanxi Automobile Group should focus on doing fine, accelerate the formation of a special vehicle production and marketing base with KONE as the core, and cultivate a new power source for development; focus on the development of high-end components system with vehicle control system, fuel cell control system, large data operation and analysis system and remote service system as the core and build a future oriented component industry site; focus on excellence and build a commercial vehicle finance and post-market operation base throughout the product life cycle and customer operation process.

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Li Hongjun said during the conference, in recent years, Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group, under the leadership of Yuan Hongming, actively adapts to the changes of demand under the new normal environment made rapid progress in optimizing and adjusting the product structure and deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, realized the preservation and appreciation of state capital, and play a role in promoting benchmarking, not only contributes to the development of the automobile industry, but also to the steady growth of the industrial economy and the adjustment of the structure of the whole province. Li Hongjun pointed out, ss pioneers of the state owned assets system, the vanguard model of comprehensive reform, Shaanxi Auto Holding Group should tackle tough problems and stimulate enterprise vitality; need to drive innovation and enhance core competitiveness; should focus on the world and explore the international market and strengthening the coordinated development of Shaanxi Automobile Group and Shaanxi heavy truck company. Shaanxi SASAC will continue to support Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group to become bigger and stronger, become the leading enterprise of Shaanxi automobile industry and even the national automobile industry.

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Lastly, Xu Qifang thanked Shaanxi Automobile Holdings Group for their positive contributions to the economic development of Baoji and even the whole province over the years, emphasizing that this conference is a pledge of Shaanxi Automobile to a higher goal. Standing at a new starting point, Shanxi automobile shoulders a new historical mission to speed up the construction of Shaanqi commercial vehicle base and boost the enterprise to the high end. He said the Shaanxi provincial government will continue to strongly support the accelerated development of the automotive industry, Forming the industrial cluster of “Silk Road automobile famous city” in Baoji, making Shaanxi province an important growth pole along the “one belt one road ” area and the domestic automobile industry, contributing to Shaanxi’s power to realize the dream of China’s automobile power.

Post time: Sep-21-2018


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