President Xi Jinping inspects Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group, April 22,2020

President Xi Jinping, inspects Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group, April 22,2020.

 president Xi inspected SHACMAN

The first stop of president Xi Jinping’s inspection in Xi’an was Shaanxi Automobile Holdings Group Co., Ltd. As the largest manufacturing company in Northwest China, Shaanxi Automobile ranks 20th among China’s top 500 machinery companies.



Over the past 50 years since the establishment of the factory, Shaanxi Automobile has successively undertaken the research and development of the third generations of heavy off-road vehicle for Chinese army. which has made outstanding achievements of national defense program, and is also the “leader”in the  development of civil-military inosculation.

陕汽德龙2 陕汽德龙3


In recent years, clean and low-carbon has become an inevitable trend of global energy transformation and development. Shaanxi Automobile has made a positive transformation and undertook the National 863 new energy commercial vehicle development project, and successfully developed the first domestic L4 level smart heavy truck and fuel cell vehicles.


Shaanxi Automobile is a state-owned equipment manufacturing enterprise. President Xi Jinping once pointed out that state owned enterprises occupy a dominant position in the main industries and key areas related to national security and the lifeblood of the national economy and are an important pillar of the national economy. For the equipment manufacturing industry, he has repeatedly matched it with the “The pillars of a great power”. At present, as a leading enterprise, Shaanxi Automobile plays an important role in promoting the linkage and resumption of the whole industrial chain.



President Xi Jinping said: “Manufacturing industry is the life-blood of our economy, and the state-owned enterprises are the vital and main force in reopening of business. Just now I saw some products and production lines, not only were they not affected by the epidemic, but created the highest level inthe history of auto-mobile production, which is essential to be encouraged. I hope all of you will keep moving ahead to seize the opportunity and transform the crisis into the opportunity.Especially to create and develop new models, new industry form, new technologies and new products.


Post time: Apr-24-2020


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