Kuwait T1158 Project Vehicle Delivery


On January 25th, SHACMAN China Water Resources and Hydropower Eighth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. Kuwait T1158 Project vehicle departure ceremony was held at Shaanxi Automobile Group headquarters. Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co, Ltd. general manager Tian Chao, Chief Engineer He Wenjuna and China Water Resources and Hydropower Eighth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. Director of Procurement Kang Zhongbin, Deputy Director of Material Department Ding Jiang attended the event.

China Water Resources and Hydropower Eighth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China Electric Power Construction Corporation, which is one of the world’s top 500 company. The company is experienced in water conservation, hydropower, transportation, industry and civil construction and is a very renowned enterprise domestically and internationally.

SHACMAN focusing on “one belt and one road” construction opportunity, participating in the interconnection and construction of infrastructure in various countries, accelerating international capacity cooperation, providing over 17000 vehicles for Kenya’s Nairobi, Mombasa Railway project, Algeria East-West Highway project, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project, Kazakhstan Bright Avenue project, Cambodia Golden Harbor Highway project, Guinea Hydropower Station project and other various projects. In the process of project service, SHACMAN adheres to the strategy of “service-oriented manufacturing”, deeply implementing the idea of “Two Concerns”, with excellent products and rich experience in engineering project services, SHACMAN has won unanimous praise from construction enterprises.


T1158 project located 15 kilometers south of Highway 70 in Jehora Province, Kuwait, north is adjacent to a U.S. Air Force Base. The project covers an area of 8.3 million m2 and is completely in desert unmanned area. The project mainly involves infrastructure construction such as roads, pipelines and irrigation. The construction of the project will solve the employment problem of some local residents. After the completion of the project, the local traffic environment will be greatly improved, the living standards of local residents will be further improved, and the local economic development will be promoted.

This delivered dump trucks for overseas engineering projects have always been popular with its strong power, strong bearing capacity and high reliability. High-quality after-sales service guarantee and sound overseas spare parts outlets will also provide strong support for the smooth progress of Kuwait’s T1158 project.


During the vehicle delivery ceremony, Mr. Tian Chao handed a golden key, symbolizing wealth and success to Kang Zhongbin while announcing the departure of the vehicles. The brand-new SHACMAN trucks are about to sail to the Arabian Peninsula in West Asia, SHACMAN will once again embarking on an overseas journey.

Post time: Jan-29-2019


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