How to keep your truck running freely in winter

How to keep your truck running freely in winter

Whenever in the winter,some users may feel quite headache to start their trucks ,because once they wake up and always found the fuel is gelled in the cold weather! How did that happen? Diesel fuel gets gelled in cold temperature just because it includes paraffin which is added to improve fuel viscosity and lubrication.


When the temperature gets lower, paraffin was thickens and turns into a cloudy mixture. This is the so-called “diesel fuel gelling”. When the fuel is in this condition, the fuel will no longer flow, basically leading the engine to become useless.

Diesel fuel gelling has the possibility to happen when the temperature drop below the fuel freezing point. Due to the different ingredient of diesel fuel, the fuel in each country might have different freezing point. Take China for example, ‘5 diesel fuel is recommended to be used in temperature over 8 degree. ‘0 diesel fuel is recommended to be used in 4~8 degree.


How to stop the diesel fuel getting from gelling?

As the member of Weichai Group, Shacman gets the completed support from Weichai Engine. To resolve this troubling matter for Shacman drivers, Weichai engine develops the professional heating pump to prevent the fuel deposition in cold weather. When the temperature is below 6 degree, the heater will work automatically to heat up the diesel fuel until its temperature is over 35 degree.

Post time: Sep-28-2020


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