How to compare tipper truck prices between different brands

t’s quite understandable that all of us want to buy the best things with the lowest price. As the high value product, even if the dump truck manufacturer give 1% discount, that’s attractive. In our daily work, we are often told by our customers: “someone others quoted me Sinotruck with much lower price.”Let me tell you why?And,How to compare tipper truck prices between different heavy duty truck brands, such as Shacman and Sinotruck?

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Actually, it’s not advised to compare the product price directly with ignorance on dump truck specifications, performance, services and other factors. On the side of dump truck factory, we would like to share you our views.

1.The Comparison Is Make no sense If The Specifications Differ Greatly

In the data sheet of 6X4 dump truck from different dump truck suppliers, if you look carefully, you may find one quote you price based on 5.8m dump bed, while another may give you the price based on 5.6m. Or both suppliers said they come with ZF steering gear, but one comes with ZF9098 steering gear, while another comes with ZF technology Chinese brand steering gear. A dump truck contains thousands of spare parts, with that the cost is flexible to control. Suppliers leave enough space for cost control with unclear description on specifications.

We can compare the prices or quotations as references when the key features of the dump trucks are similar. The comparison is relative instead of being absolute.

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2.The Best Solution Is not The cheapest , But It’s the Most Reliable

We appreciate a lot if our customers could share the details of their demands, including where will the tipper trucks be operated, what are the tipper trucks used for, how is the road condition, how far is the transportation distance.These responses help us to understand customer’s demands accurately. And based on this understanding, we could recommend the best truck and specification for customers.

Instead of simply focusing on dump truck specification and price from tipper truck makers, we argue it’s more important to compare the which solution is more reliable.

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3.Work with Dump Truck Manufacturers Directly, You’ll Get More Support

It has no doubt that dump truck manufacturers are more professional and they are able to resolve all your technical questions. Besides that, you can also get good quality spare parts with nice price from heavy duty truck manufacturers. And you do not need to worry about whether their spare parts are fake or not.


We got inquiries from many customers asking if we could sell spare parts to them. They have tried to contact with their suppliers before, since they are refused to provide those spare parts to them. Customers have to turn to google and look for dump truck spare part suppliers on their own, which make them so disappointed.We are the one!

Post time: Jul-27-2020


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