How to choose the right truck

How to choose the right heavy-duty Truck

Once the purchase plan is on the list, as a business man ,you have to do a lot of homework before throw an order to the supplier. But how to select the right trucks? Here come several factors must be taken into account during the purchasing process.

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A. The truck running condition and operating allocation
Before purchasing, we need to confirm the heavy truck type and specification. Will it be used to carry cargoes, bulk cargoes, liquid, construction material, or chemicals? Will it be necessary to reinforce the dump truck body or add additional accessory to keep out rain and wind? Etc. Maintenance charge and operating fee could be calculated later when we know the detail specs like the engine, gearbox, axle, capacity, loading and related local transportation laws

B. The fuel-consumption

It’s one of the most important thing we need to considerate. Due to the floating of fuel price, the fuel cost is not a solid data. However, the fuel cost takes over 30% of total expense most of the time. This is why it’s so urgent to lower the engine’s fuel consumption. When selecting a new truck, it returns to double efficiency if we could notice whether the engine is working properly.

C. The key parameter of the truck
Such as model, width, length, body material, manufacturer, engine model/feature/manufacturer,etc.

D. Reliable
When purchase the target trucks, buyers should learn about the related local law and consider the safety before all the others. It includes the specification that cares about labour safety and health, such as the view angle of the windshield, the mirrors at side, the drive wheel, instruction light, the driver seat, the ABSand other safety items which the law requires as must. labour safety and the


E. Comfort
Before you make your last decision, do not forget to check the cab inside carefully including the color, the model, the seats and material. These all link to the drivers’ comfortable sensation when they are driving. A clean, tidy, comfortable inside keeps the driver in good mood and more concentrated on his drive.

F. After-service

If you wanna your trucks be in good condition,the trucks should be accepted scheduled maintenance.So,the after-service is crucial. The genuine trucks’ spare parts,caring-service,technical assistance,all these factors are key to your business.



All in all, selecting the right trucks is a comprehensive work, choose the professional team to get the help, and you will avoid detours.

Post time: Jun-09-2020


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