First Jamaica Promotional Event

June 25th was a special day for the Jamaican market. The SHACMAN promotion was be held in the capital city of Kingston, with local government, banks, customer representatives and Chinese embassy personnel attending this event.

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This event saw the display of F3000 series dump trucks, lorry trucks, trailer trucks and cement trucks. The vehicles were equipped with Cummins engines and FAST transmission. 

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During the event, many major players in the local industry including dealers, Bank leaders, commerce representatives and Minister of the worker and merchant fishery made deep impressions with among the attendant with their speech. Shaanxi Automobile Import & Export Co. Ltd Central & South America district manager also made an impactful speech which resulted in varies cooperation agreement being made. Also during the meeting the district manager introduced to the guests the Jamaican SHACMAN team. 

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The attendants, including the Minister of the worker, peasant and merchant fishery Audley Shaw, Executive director of the National Bank of Jamaica Curtis Martin and others then inspected the vehicles. The attendants gave a high degree of attention and full trust of Chinese and SHACMAN products. 90% of Jamaican’s products come from imports with Chinese made products occupying a pivotal position meaning that SHACMAN will have a bright future in the Jamaican market.

Post time: Jul-08-2018


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