Chen Guowang, the Vietnam Communist Party’s Politburo Member and Standing Secretary of the Central Committee visited Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group

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On the afternoon of August 22, Chen Guowang, the Vietnam Communist Party’s Politburo Member and Standing Secretary of the Central Committee visited Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group. Yuan Hongming, party secretary and chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group, Wang Yanhong, deputy secretary of the party committee, general manager, and Zhou Yinchao, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd. accompanied the visiting guests to the Exhibition Hall and assembly plant and watched the product prototype of Shaanxi Automobile.
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In the exhibition hall, Chen Guowang and his entourage learned about the development history of Shaanxi Automobile, the layout of domestic and international markets, the application of new energy and intelligent network technology, and they spoke highly of Shaanxi Heavy Trucks for participation in the military parade five times, as well as intelligent network unmanned driving technology.

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In front of the exhibition trucks, Chen Guowang watched and took photos with the Delong series cargo trucks, the new environmentally-friendly muck trucks, the hydrogen fuel cell sprinklers, the pure electric kitchen garbage trucks and the military vehicles. He has learned the product performance, technology and applicable environment in details.

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In the assembly plant, after watching the promotional film, Chen Guowang visited the assembly line to gain an understanding of assembly process deeply. Subsequently, Chen Guowang walked into a party member activity room of Assembly Factory. This is our one of party building studios, where you can see learning situation of party members, the political life and organizational activities, Yuan Hongming introduced. He pointed out that Shaanxi Auto. has always never forgotten its initial intentions, continuously strengthened the party’s ideological construction, innovated ways and means of party building work, combined party building work with production and management and embodied the party’s advanced nature. The transformation and development of the enterprise will help realize the strategic goals.

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After listening to Yuan Hongming’s introduction carefully, Chen Guowang read the study materials in the party members’ activity room and checked the ‘Three Meeting, One class’ record book and the party members’ ‘Two Studies, One Action’ study notes. He said that by watching promotional videos, listening to explanations, observing production lines and checking data, he has a got more comprehensive understanding of Shaanxi Auto. Development. He believes that Shaanxi Auto. has achieved remarkable results in development and party building work and hopes that the enterprise can give full play to the leading role of party building with the strategic plan and hundred-years of enterprise dream.

Post time: Aug-24-2018


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