Delivery of overseas rush orders with “SHACMAN PACE”

Recently, SHACMAN successfully signed the demand for 48 Port Specialized Tractor for a port project in Saudi Arabia. In the face of the strict requirements of Saudi ports on products in terms of 5-year rust-proof, high-end personalized configurations, 30 day trial production and batch delivery, SHACMAN has successfully completed the production and delivery of Saudi Arabian Port Specialized Tractor, providing a solid guarantee for further expanding the overseas market.


The trial production of sample vehicles and the batch delivery of 48 vehicles are required within 30 days, which is much shorter than the normal trial production period, in addition, the configuration is complex and the process standard is high, so there are many difficulties for timely  delivery.Considering the saturation of production in the factory, the manufacturing department timely adjusted the production schedule and production plan after comprehensive evaluation, and arranged this batch of export vehicles to the trial production center of Deshi group for assembly.


After the new production organization mode was determined, the manufacturing department actively organized each unit to hold a meeting to identify the production factors that affecting the delivery, and form a troubleshooting team to provide 24-hour on-site tracking service, as well as issue the network plan to organize the company various units to cooperate efficiently, so as to ensure the  production and assembly smoothly. Shaanxi Tongli rapidly doubled the production capacity of the frame; Huazhen Vehicle Parts worked overtime to complete the task of painting and rust prevention of vehicles; the Automobile Assembly Plant set up production assault team……, and  Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Quality Management Department, Purchasing Department, SHACMAN are worked together to arrange personnel to provide on-site guidance and participate in vehicle assembly in the whole process. All 48 export vehicles were assembled and offline on August 14 with joint efforts. August 15 at 11 p.m, these  vehicles were delivered successfully.After all the vehicles arrived at Shanghai port on time, the general manager of the partner said in Wechat Moments:”Thousands of people are racing against the clock, which creats a  miracle in industry. However, this is SHACMAN,for pace,for quality!



Post time: Sep-14-2020


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