How to choose a concrete mixer truck?

How to choose a concrete mixer truck?

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Ask yourself a few questions before buying a mixer truck:

1.The budget for buying concrete mixer truck.

2.Purpose of purchasing mixer.

3.The working conditions,and the roads conditions.

4.paid by day,by cubic,or by monthly.

Mixer Truck

First: Select according to how many cubic meters.

Paid by cubic meters,I suggests you buy a larger tank volume mixer, such as 12m³ and 14 m³. If you are paid by monthly,there is no need to buy larger ones.10m³ mixer truck is enough.Cause 12m³and 14m³ are more expensive

second:How are the roads conditions.

The road condition is directly related to the selection of rear axle when you buy mixer truck. If you drive on a smooth road , all of which are highway oriented, select a single reduction axle. If in the rough conditions, with many potholes and stone roads and multiple ramps, you need to choose a double reduction axle. In addition, the torque of the mixer truck is larger, which is suitable for climbing; the double reduction axle is smaller than the single reduction axle, and the clearance between the two wheels and the ground is large, so the vehicle has better traffic ability.


Third: how much capacity and horsepower do you need

At present, most of the mixer trucks are 10m³、12m³、14m³.

Confirm the capacity, and then select the horsepower according to the Determine a lot of large volume, and then select the horsepower according to the volume.

Pm:336 HP 6 X4 mixer matches 10 m³ and 12 m³;375 HP 8 X4 mixer  truck meets the 14m³.

Fourth::Choose the right chassis and engine according to your actual needs.

SHACMAN mixer trucks are equipped with Weichai engine or Cummins engine. According to your actual situation to select the right chassis and engine.Or get professional assistance from our SHACMAN team.

Fifth:Tubeless tire and radial tire with tube.

Tubeless tire comes in many features: heat dissipation, more safety, more economical,convenient,easily maintenance, which is the trend.Radial tire with tube is also a choice.But we prefer the Tubeless tire.

Sixth:Three main parts need to be considered in selecting mixer (Key matter).

F3000 mixer truck2去字

The three big things are:Hydraulic motors, pumps and reducers.SHACMAN Mixer truck Equipped with international famous brand hydraulic system.Such as:Eaton, ZF of Germany, PMP of Italy and etc.These key parts determine the performance of concrete mixer truck, so we need to pay more attention to it.That’s why SHACMAN mixer truck is the best choice.Because we have done a good job for our customers,Success with quality is the core value of SHACMAN.

Post time: Aug-13-2020


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